Through our work, we aim to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research while helping those suffering with a brain tumor have a better quality of life.

BTA Treats Family to New TV

Just after Thanksgiving two years ago our life forever changed. My wife, Melissa was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her diagnosis and what followed was enough to financially ruin an independently wealthy family...which we were not. During the "thick of things", I had serious doubts we would survive...expecting at some point to be living in some family members basement or spare room...but that never happened. We got by. I am still not quite sure how...but we made it through much better then I ever expected, not to discount the challenges we faced and still face today. We live paycheck to paycheck, like most. We have a lot of medical debt. We barely make enough to cover our bills....but, we get by. We received help from so many that I couldn't even begin to tell you who helped us get through precisely...God, I suppose, would get the credit.

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Press Release - May 2014

Brain Tumor AllianceMEDIA CONTACT: Debbie Turner
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Miles For Hope Makes A Huge Stride Into The Future 

May 2, 2014 (Clearwater, FL) Miles For Hope takes a giant stride into their future this month, announcing that the organization will re-brand as the Brain Tumor Alliance effective May 1, 2014.  This exciting announcement helps the organization launch into one of the most important months in the fight against brain tumors, Brain Tumor Awareness Month.  An important month to focus one of the most under emphasized illnesses in our country, it is estimated that in 2014, 69,720 malignant brain tumors will be diagnosed in the United States alone. 

Since 2008, Miles For Hope has been paving the way to finding a cure for brain cancer by hosting race themed events to raise money and awareness.  Those proceeds are donated to brain tumor research facilities across the country and to those affected by this terrible illness.  “This re-brand of the organization is so much more than a new name and logo.  As the Brain Tumor Alliance we will harness a renewed energy that will allow us to keep our focus of raising funds for research, but will now be able to expand our efforts beyond the model of race events and on the community we serve” said Brain Tumor Alliance President Debbie Turner. 

This new name and vision gives everyone a clear understanding of what the organization does and greater flexibility to expand beyond the “races for research model”.  “Over the years, the human element of this organization has been overshadowed by the research aspect.  Our goal is to bring back the “who” in what our organization stands for” explains Sylvia Thoma, events coordinator.  The size of the organization and the connections they have allow the Brain Tumor Alliance to do something many larger organizations can’t—make individual connections with survivors and their families to provide important resources they desperately need. 

The Brain Tumor Alliance will hold a kick-off reception on Monday, May 19th to honor all that was accomplished under the umbrella of Miles For Hope and provide a glimpse into the future of what Brain Tumor Alliance will become. 

About The Brain Tumor Alliance (formerly Miles For Hope)

Since 2008, the organization has been providing emotional and financial support for families affected by brain tumors and raises awareness and funding for research and clinical trials.  Offering resources such as travel, housing and food assistance to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from a brain tumor.  To date we have donated nearly $600,000 to brain tumor research, clinical trials and community donations.  In addition reaching numerous cancer patients with $24,000 worth of financial assistance to get them to and from treatment centers. 

Brain Tumor Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

For more information on the Brain Tumor Alliance, please visit:  

Questions about the kick-off celebration may be directed to Michele Holzworth at (727) 781-4673

Record Year for Brain Tumor Alliance

Brain Tumor Alliance is proud to announce a record year of giving in 2013*. Thanks to the hard work of our runners and walkers, the dedication of our sponsors, and the generosity of our donors we were able to grant research dollars to the following brain cancer research facilities:

  • $62,000.00  -  All Children’s Hospital, St. Petersburg, FL
  • $60,000.00 - Weill Cornell Pediatric Brain & Spine Center, New York, NY
  • $7,000.00 - Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, Aurora, CO
  • $1,000.00 - Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, MI
  • $100.00 - Camp Lifting Light, Northridge, CA

In addition to providing these funds for brain cancer research, Brain Tumor Alliance also donated $11,148 for travel assistance and $1,200 for holiday assistance.

On behalf of the Brain Tumor Alliance family, we say thank you for supporting Brain Tumor Alliance and brain tumor research.


Debbie Turner, Director

Brain Tumor Alliance
P.O. Box 7607
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

*= Fiscal year 10/1/12 through 9/30/13.

Wig Out Nominated for Award

We are very proud to announce that Brain Tumor Alliance’s first ever WIG OUT event has been nominated by the Tampa Bay Business Journal for a "Best in the Biz" Award. Please cast your vote and help Brain Tumor Alliance get recognized. Please vote now. Voting ends October 17, 2013.

We are very proud to announce that Brain Tumor Alliance’s first ever WIG OUT event has been nominated by the Tampa Bay Business Journal for a "Best in the Biz" Award in the Favorite Fundraiser / Event / Program / Daytime event for 2013.  It is rare for a first-time event to be included in the list of contenders for this prestigious award and we want to thank the 15-hundred people who turned out for our “wacky race” for telling others about it.

Brain Tumor Alliance needs your vote!

Please click here to cast your “Best in the Biz” vote and help Brain Tumor Alliance get recognized. Our Wig Out Against Brain Tumors event is item 17 on the ballot.

Please vote now. Voting ends October 17, 2013.

Clinical Trial for Low Grade (Grade II) Glioma Patients Open

(Clearwater, FL) January 11, 2012 -- Brain Tumor Alliance announced today that the brain tumor vaccine clinical trial, Optimizing Dendritic Cell Vaccination for Low Grade Glioma Patients, is now open and accepting new patients.  Patients must have a Grade II Brain Tumor and surgery at UCLA to qualify for the trial. The trial is a Phase II Clinical Trial Evaluating Autologous Dendritic Cells Pulsed with Tumor Lysate Antigen for the Treatment of Low-grade Gliomas.

Foundation Founder Loses Battle with Brain Cancer

CLEARWATER, FL – Robert (Bob) Gibbs, Founder of Brain Tumor Alliance, Inc., a non-profit organization, passed away Saturday December 10th, 2011 at 2:05 a.m., after a seven-year battle with brain cancer.  Gibbs, 42, died peacefully with family by his side.

Gibbs was a leader in the brain tumor community.  His focus through Brain Tumor Alliance was to raise awareness and funding for cutting-edge brain tumor research and clinical trials.

Brain Tumor Alliance Helps Fund $100,000 Vaccine Trial

Accelerated Brain Cancer Cure Foundation and Stephen M. Coffman Charitable Trust Join Brain Tumor Alliance in Funding $100,000 Grant For Brain Tumor Research

(Clearwater, FL) July 6, 2011 -- Brain Tumor Alliance announced today that it has partnered with two brain tumor organizations, Accelerated Brain Cancer Cure Foundation (ABC2) and the Stephen M. Coffman Charitable Trust, in awarding a $100,000 research grant to University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) neurosurgeon Linda Liau, M.D., PhD to begin the clinical trial, Optimizing Dendritic Cell Vaccination for Low Grade Glioma Patients.

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